I’ve always built my “VERY OFFICIAL AUTHOR SITE” on iWeb, which meant it was on my computer and the interface for blogger and iWeb isn’t spectacular, so my website and my blog have always been separate.

And then my parents’ server went down, and it seemed easier to re-build their website and buy server space from wordpress.

And since I was also using their server, my site went down as well.

So. I thought – I rebuilt THEIRS on wordpress, surely I can rebuild MINE there as well!!

So I did!! YAY ME!!

And then I realized there was really ZERO point in keeping this blog here even though I LOVE my rotating headers and I LOVE my layout (not a cheap one either BTW). I was building pages for my books here and then building them there, and then I was like. Wait. This is not smart. At all.


It’s still “under construction” but you will now find me at


And now I’m going to eat cookies instead of weeping over all the lost hours building up two sites 😉





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