Life is Kickin’ My Trash

(I’ve hovered over publish about a million times, unsure if I want this out there)

I’m very much an optimistic person.

Always have been.

Always will be.

And we all ride roller coasters in our writing lives and in our home lives, and generally on a downswing, I can be like – Meh, I’ll be laughing about this time in my life at some point and I’ll be slipping back up the other side any moment now and life will look great again.

And I keep waiting for my part of the roller-coaster ride to hit that upswing, and it hasn’t. I’m still climbing down.

I think last week I realized, You know? I’m probably not going to laugh about this in a few years. I’m going to learn from it. But I’m not going to laugh.

Days later and a few more shots of bad news later, I realize that we’re still on the downswing.

And then I have to stop and look around and think – My husband is healthy. My son is healthy. My daughter isn’t dying. We’re not going to lose our house and my husband has his job. We’re okay. And we’ve sort of closed into our little family cocoon to weather the storm.

I’m not wholly sure what my post is about today. I think I’ve been quiet online because I haven’t had much to say that won’t sound whiny. Or maybe it appears I’m out and about as much as I always am, when really I’m just trying to put on my smiley face in hopes in bleeds into my life a little more. And yes, a few big things have happened, and I feel like I’m in a good place to deal with those big things when the small things aren’t stacking up as well. But they are. And have been. And will continue to – at least for a while.

So. For now, and maybe for a while, I’m going to bury myself in a writing cave, and when I’m out I’m going to be playing with my kiddos. Or sewing. Or getting ready for #SCBWI because I need that break so very much.

And because even when I hate my optimism, it creeps in – here are a few happy things:

Daughter came out of her surgery this morning and I’m already trying to keep her on the couch. WIN.

Nearly done w/ my first round of notes for my Mia Josephs book, Blurring the Lines. WIN.

Husband comes home on Sunday. WIN.

Because my mouth hurts so bad, I’ve eaten more waffles than anyone should get to eat over the past week. WIN.

So. There you have it. This is what’s up w/ me right now.

You can leave me pictures of puppies or abs or pictures of puppies and abs OR – (even better) give me a few FANTASTIC movies I should watch. Or just tell me what you’ve been up to lately, because I find other people’s lives endlessly entertaining. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be making up lives and then writing about them.

You guys rock.

~ Jo



7 thoughts on “Life is Kickin’ My Trash

  1. Hey, it’s totally okay to have down days. And to have optimism sneak in, even then. I hope things go well, whatever they are, and that your family continues to stay happy and healthy. Hope your daughter has a quick recovery from surgery, and that you have a much better week this week! 🙂

  2. *hugs* There’s a lot going on with you right now, so if you want to block the rest of the world out for a while, you should. Hopefully things will improve very soon and you’ll start to feel more like you again. ❤

  3. You would not find my life entertaining.

    Get up. Eat. Chase kids around all day. (Usually, some driving is involved) Get nothing done. Go to bed. 🙂

    One week left of the busy month. My son is doing a hockey camp, my daughter did an art class, then tennis lessons for the first time. This was on top of baseball and soccer. I’m really not one of those crazy moms who puts her kids in fifty million activities. We’ve always done soccer/baseball-which are night activities, but then this summer decided to try a few other things during the day. And damn if I’m not driving someone here or there all the time. I’m even carpooling with other parents and it still feels like I’m in the car all the time.

    But one week left. Only hockey this week. Tennis and art are done and baseball and soccer have week off for Independence Day (week).

    I told you my life was not very entertaining.

  4. I hope your daughter continues to recover terrifically. Wishing you all the comforts! As for movies…it’s a few years old, so you might have already seen it, but Now You See Me is terrific. I also love How To Train Your Dragon. Toothless never fails to cheer me up. =)

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