ONE – (because it’s being THROWN in my face on Facebook 😉 As excited as I am for all the lovelies at RT in NOLA this weekend, I’m also a little jealous. BEIGNETS WITH WRITERLY PEOPLE! Double Win.


TWO – (Because YAY) Including today, my kids have three days left of school this year. I’m actually REALLY looking forward to their summer vacation. No more rushing kiddos through breakfast, packing lunches, doing homework… 


THREE – (Edits…) Going over a book that I wasn’t quite sure about when I started (well, I knew I WANTED to write it, just wasn’t sure if I could), but that I love more with every pass of edits. THIS is why you take as much time as you need to get excited about edits, before jumping into edits. It’s how I trick myself into loving that tedious process. I think I finished the first draft of this book six months ago or more, but I’ve sat on it until I’m ready and excited to jump in again, and THAT’S when I send it to another reader. NOT before. Publishing takes forever anyway. Might as well take my time getting the book right 😉 Also, I find that my best stuff usually comes after taking some time away.




FOUR – (because I do read) I finally read XVI after having it on my kindle for like two years. About to jump into RUINS by Wells (final in a trilogy), doing a read of an AH-mazing book my Morgan Shamy, and next I’ll probably indulge and read Kiera Cass’s series. I’ve read book one, and plan on reading book two and three while in my bathing suit, in the backyard, working on my tan 😉

FIVE – Our weather is perfect. Low seventies, breezy. I’m once again “stealing” my “husband’s” car just to DRIVE. When you own a convertible in Alaska, the top needs to be down EVERY POSSIBLE SECOND.


What’s up with you?

~ Jolene




2 thoughts on “FRIIIIIDAAAAAY 5

  1. Holy CUTE pictures… SERIOUSLY… you are a model.

    And Jo, you are SO NICE to read for me… especially a first draft… you are the first person to read this female MC version… and I’m terrified for edits, LOL… I’m sure there’s SO MUCH I need to work on!!!!!

    I agree with your perspective… I’m trying to slow down and not feel rushed and just do things RIGHT. As long as I’m growing and getting better, that’s what matters. (That’s what I try to keep repeating in my head anyway) 😉

    1. Yeah… That’s what I keep telling myself as well.

      It’s hard for me to realize how much I might NOT get right in the first draft, and how that’s OKAY, lol.

      On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 8:59 AM, YA author Jolene Perry wrote:


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