AJ BROOKS – Yes. This feels like a very big deal.

So, I have this friend, Allie Brennan.

She’s the one I say that I’m going to “kidnap” and turn into my sister, even if that sounds a little creepy…


We thought that at some point, we’d collab together, and then she sent me this AH-mazing collage of weird, disturbing pictures, and a scene HAD to be put on paper. So, I wrote the short scene, and sent it to Allie.

And then she wrote some back.

And then I wrote some more.

And in a matter of about two weeks, we’d written this intense urban fantasy w/ an insane amount of world-building, and we LOVED it.

It needed work.

We got some notes, set it aside, and we still know it needs work. We know how to fix it, so that’s all good. But it’s on the back-shelf for now.

What happened during this process is that we learned we write REALLY well together. We work very similarly, and she has strengths that are my weaknesses and vice versa, which is actually pretty awesome.

SO. I had this project about a young fire-fighter who ends up w/ a coin that holds a genie. A girl. One w/ a chip on her shoulder. That book was…sort of okay. But the IDEA… I loved this idea. So I sent my VERY VERY BAD WRITING and VERY SLOPPY WORLD-BUILDING to Allie and said – Hey. You wanna sort of use this premise and start over?

And she said YES. And then she said – but don’t change Terek. He’s perfect.

YAY!! B/C in my mind THIS is Terek, and…yeah…you can see why he shouldn’t be changed.

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 10.48.36 AM

Okay, okay… Mostly it was his CHARACTER stayed the same, but still… I thought you might like the pic 😉

My biggest problem was that I could not get the girl’s voice right. Ever. Allie nailed her voice, called her Rupashi, and in her life before she was Taken, she looked something like this:

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 10.49.05 AM


With the books I have under contract, and the books I hope to have under contract SOON, and the books that Allie wants to sell…

We created a pen name for the books we want to do together, because there are A LOT.

beautiful girl with lantern seeking in night. Vintage retouching

AJ BROOKS is the name we’ll use together, and I’m SO excited to be moving forward with THE RULE OF THREE with Rachel Stout at Dystel and Goderich. I’m repped by Jane, and have had the pleasure of working with Rachel on the periphery, so I’m stoked to be working with her more closely.

So yes. Big news! Not as big as landing an agent or getting a book deal, but it feels BIG. HUGE even to start a new venture of writing speculative fiction w/ a shiny new pen name and an awesome partner 😀

I’d LOVE it if you dropped by our site – author AJ BROOKS

Allie has built a LOT of pretties…


That’s what’s up with me 😀

What do you have going on??

~ Jolene


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