I think that when a person works in something as personal as writing stories, their job is bound to have some fantastic high, highs, and some not-so-great lows…

A random comment from a friend last week, kicked my brain in to overdrive. Christa said, “Don’t read right now. You’re working on your own stuff. Let yourself get in that headspace and stay there.” And then a talk from Allie on projects we were working on together, where I was reminded how much I LOVE the worlds i create. And then Nyrae and I talked about publishing and how little control we have, which actually pushed me forward.

And suddenly I was laughing and giddy at how my messy project was shaping up, at how many words I was writing a day in my Mia Josephs books, and how 2 or 3 other projects jumped out at me, and I knew how to tell those stories as well. I had a few days where I wanted to write all the words on all the things.

But the simplest things make me question everything.

A few not-so-great reviews that I didn’t mean to read. (On a side note. I love that I’ve given my books enough thought to know that I feel good about each and every decision I’ve made white writing). And even notes in reviews that had exactly zero to do with me, but that I still can’t comment on b/c we all know that’s author suicide. So, even though some of the problems weren’t mine, and even though I don’t care if someone else likes the choices I made, it does make me question my choices on the next book…

So, after all this, I jumped back into the MS I’ve been wrestling with, and I don’t know if it’s good. At all. I have ABSOLUTELY no idea. This happened to me with Knee Deep, and reception of that book was (for the most part) awesome. I don’t trust myself as to whether or not this MS is good enough.

I no longer get to write in a bubble. After going through the submission process and going through the editing process, I think about ALL the things – What will an editor say? What will the reviewers say? How would/could my publisher market this? Is this idea a big enough for publication?

And at this point, I wanna walk away from all that and just self-publish and write books for fun, but that part of me who wants to be published and on bookshelves won’t quiet down.

I think it’s my unfailing optimism, that sometimes I wish would fail.

It’s also this time of year where we’re somewhere between winter and spring and will be for at LEAST another 6 weeks.

I do know that when I slip down, I just need to move forward the best I can until I’m back on top again. And most likely it will be one small comment, or one little realization, or, or, or… Who knows what.

Maybe cookies.

I think I’m going to go and test out that theory right now…

How do you pull yourself through slumps?

~ Jolene

P.S. I wonder how many posts I’ve written with a similar title. Probably I don’t want to know…


8 thoughts on “ROLLER. COASTER.

  1. Yay on those ups! Boo on those downs… When I’m feeling low about writing, I just try and remind myself it’s all part of it, and that tomorrow will be another day, and a chance for it to feel better. Also, on another note, just wanted to tell you that I did give my diabetes office a summary of your book, w/a note about how I think it could really help juvenile diabetics. I addressed it to the nurse practitioner there, who I’ve talked books w/a time or two. I hope it’ll help get your book into the hands of a few diabetic kids!

    1. You are awesome. Seriously.

      It really is the little things (which aren’t actually so little) like you talking to the nurse that totally MAKE MY DAY πŸ˜€


      On Sun, Mar 16, 2014 at 6:13 PM, author Jolene Perry wrote:


  2. First of all – I love your banner!

    Urgh, those rollercoaster times are the worst. I don’t even have anything helpful to say because I don’t really have a mantra or a certain thing I do to get me through it. Occasionally, I’ll send out an email to a friend about how much I suck, even though I’m working on something I enjoy, or I’ll throw my fears out there (like I did in my FB post yesterday lol). I pretty much just hope I’ll feel better the next day! ❀

  3. Having people to talk it out with is a MUST! People who understand but won’t tell you what to do or brush it off as not important. When I’m all bummed out and think I suck I like talking to you because you’re like “Yeah, dude. That really freakin sucks!” LOL

    I understand that it’s a roller coaster and love that I have people who share in my ups AND downs. It makes me less alone, therefore making it easier to bounce back!

    1. Sometimes I think I’m probably the WORST person to call when something sucky happens, b/c I’m like – Yeah. That’s crappy, what you gonna do? And I think that works for like, half the people…

  4. I sleep. Or try at least cause that doesn’t always work.

    I can easily see how people can gain weight in those low times. I’m not a huge over-eater (sometimes, though), but I understand how you can get hooked. That yummy cookie makes it all better. For thirty seconds at least. Then you need another and another and pretty soon you’ve downed the whole bag of Oreos. 😦 FYI: I have never at a whole bag of Oreos. πŸ™‚

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