Planes, Readers, Bookanistas and other random bits…


I’m in Seattle for the massive AWP conference!!!

I’m teaching a class on Saturday afternoon w/ some fantastic ladies who I get to meet today and tomorrow — Roberta Borger, Selene Castrovilla, Megan Bostic, and Katherine Ayres.

Staying at my cousin’s newly purchased “vintage” supah cool home w/ a view of the lake and only a couple miles from downtown. #winwinwinwinwin. My poor husband worries I won’t return home every time I make it back to Seattle. Love this area of the world. Don’t love the traffic. Don’t love the ridiculous amount of money it takes to park in Seattle. But I love Seattle.

When I was on the plane last night SO many people were reading books. This makes my heart happy.

Also making my heart happy is that Katy Upperman featured The Summer I Found You as her bookanista read – you can read her review as well as some of my favorite Aidan-without-an-arm moments HERE.

I was ridiculously sick last weekend – so much that my last real meal was last Thursday. Last night on the plane a 1/4 of an apple, 4 crackers and few bits of cheese have been my biggest meal since then. I will admit that my legs are a wee bit shaky, so we’ll see how today goes…

OK. I’m going to try and blowdry down my bedhead and play w/ writer peoples for a few days.

If it seems like I’ve disappeared – that’s where I am…

What do you have going on right now? 

~ Jo


One thought on “Planes, Readers, Bookanistas and other random bits…

  1. I am not going on a plane to Seattle, that’s for sure. But tomorrow I’m going back to where I grew up (it’s only an hour away) to watch my son play 2 hockey games. Then we’ll return home to watch him play 2 more games tomorrow. That’s about it. Seattle would be much cooler! Have fun.

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