Disclaimer: I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job. This was just for fun 😉


1. Never getting to meet your characters in real life.


2. Realizing after writing a book and while doing the blurb, that large chunks of the book need to be switched/altered/rewritten.


3. Missing characters after the book is published because you cannot imagine reading your own books after publication (or maybe that’s just me).


4. When the perfect seat in the house doesn’t have a wall plug close enough and you’re running out of battery on your laptop, but don’t want to move for fear it will ruin your mojo 😉




6. When everything in publishing feels like it takes EONS, even though it only takes AGES.


7. Running out of names for your characters. Wondering if you’ll have to start setting books on alien worlds because you really will run out of names.


8. Not being able to use a name you love because you dated an asshole by that name.


9. Running out of your best writer snacks when you have time to write. Getting a million calls when you never get calls when you have time to write. __________ happens when you finally have time to write.

10. Having to do stupid “life” stuff like fold laundry and pay bills and grocery shop. Doesn’t the world understand that you’re trying to BUILD A STORY???



~ Jo





12 thoughts on “#WriterProblems

  1. Totally number 8! Well, all of them but especially number 8!
    My addition is P Charm’s psychic ability to need something (or ask me something) when I’m right at the end of a chapter/scene/book…

  2. Falling in love with your own hero, and then becoming depressed because A) he’s not real and B) you can’t tell anyone because they’ll think you crazy and/or egotistical.

    1. Snort. You’re hilarious, Morg. I just wanted DIFFERENT. I’m also blogging less. It feels like it’s no longer the awesome way to connect that it used to be… ANYWAY. Thanks for popping in 😉

  3. The Husband being wonderful and leaving me alone the WHOLE TIME I’m writing, then coming to ask me a question right as I’m about to write a kissing scene. You can’t get into my head during those! It’s just wrong!

  4. Love number three, even though I’m not yet published, so it’s more like when I move on to the next project. So I guess maybe I can relate more to #1. 🙂

    Not being able to yell at your characters to stop doing whatever it is they’d doing or give them advice, ‘No, don’t do that. Don’t make that stupid mistake!’ (But then again, if they didn’t do that stupid thing, you’d have no story.)

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