1. I still jump on my grocery cart and let it glide. While in the store. Often. When I’m too old to find joy in this, my life might as well be over.

2. I drink a hot chocolate almost every afternoon. I make them from scratch often by grating a chunk of chocolate and then adding a little bit of powdered baking cocoa and powdered sugar. Oh. And milk… Right now it’s the only thing I like about winter.

3. I have a very odd relationship with fuzzy socks. As in I wear them. A lot. Wool ones… Fleece ones… 

4. Heard from my agent today that she LOVED the book I sent her, she just doesn’t think the timing is good to sell it to publishers. So I’m happy she’s looking out for my career. Sad that I won’t get the multi-million dollar contract I was hoping for ;-O

5. I write NA under the pen name Mia Josephs, and Mia is friends with TJ Hannah. And TJ and Mia came up with this brilliant plan for some collaborative things that has me supah excited. 

6. I’m too close to my current WIP to know if I love it or if it’s crap.

7. I realized that I leave for Seattle to teach at the AWP Conference, and I haven’t rented a car, dusted off my suitcase or given any thought to what kind of curly mess Seattle is going to make of my hair. Oh. Or what I’m going to wear.

8. The hardback of THE SUMMER I FOUND YOU is now available on Amazon and Barnes!!! I still haven’t seen or touched it yet, but several of my friends have… Oh. You can pre-order the ebook 😀 Pre-orders actually REALLY help the author… *winks*

9. Books take me longer to write than they used to, but much less time to edit. Correlation? 😉

10. I started to re-watch all the Sherlock episodes, but they’re not the same when they’re not new and I realized that after a SUPER short season, I’m once again in mourning of Sherlock.


Your turn.


Share a random 😉

~ Jo




7 thoughts on “SHARE A RANDOM THING DAY!

  1. *giggles* I still do the shopping cart thing too! 😀 Oh, and the socks!

    A random about me… I haven’t owned a pair of flat shoes in about eight years. It makes getting around in winter quite a challenge lol!

  2. I’d do the shopping cart thing if I wasn’t afraid it would capsize. 😉 I’m also very excited about Mia and TJ collab.

    Sometimes I just stare at pictures of Dylan O’Brien. Like for twenty minutes. Or an hour. Or a day. Just staring. Because I love him.

    1. CASSIE! I’m coming over and we can stare together! And he’s is playing my all time fave ever super in love with character from one of my all time fave series… I will die in that theatre seat, I’m sure of it…

  3. OMG. So funny. Okay, well not really, but still. We were doing some financing paperwork today and the guy had the coolest thing on his desk. This thing was from a company who takes out dings/dents and it was a mini shopping cart. It was so cool. Like just the perfect size for Barbies.

    I was gonna slip it into my purse, but my purse wasn’t big enough. Okay, no, I wasn’t. I did admire it though while we were there. 🙂

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