Amazon Daily Deal, Out of Play and another one of Nyrae’s awesome boys

Out of Play cover

This book is only 0.99, but only for today!!




So. Nyrae and I wanted to find a way to celebrate our sale, and since we both love stories that are character driven, we decided to write a post that showed a few things we loved about the OTHER person’s character.

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 9.18.05 AM

Nyrae, in her great tradition of writing awesome guys, wrote rockstar Bishop Riley.

Here are a few things I love about Bishop Riley:

1. Man does he screw up. Badly. He really is a stuck up, spoiled snot at the beginning of this book. She was not afraid to make him what he actually would be given his situation – most people would have shied away from this. Going from his Cali mansion to some backwoods town in Alaska? And he’s not supposed to tell anyone who he is? Uh… yeah. he’d be a snot. But I love that even then, we see little bits of the awesome guy that’s in there…somewhere…

2. I love how he resists Penny at first. I love how he watches her, but when he realizes that other guys watch her, he’s like – I’m not bowing down to her, no matter what she’s used to.

“All eyes are on me like I just screwed up big—like they can’t believe I talked to her that way. News Flash, I’m not going to fall at her feet like everyone else does. I’m Bishop Riley. I play the drums for a Grammy winning band. I’m not kissing her ass.”

3. I love that Bishop dishes it out, but he can take it. Maybe not as much at first, but our two characters in this book both have HUGE egos. HUGE. And that made for some super fun, fantastic scenes.

4. JUST LOOK!!! (a collection of Jo’s favorite Bishop quotes:

“My hand is shaking, but this time not because of anxiety or the need to be medicated, but because I want to touch her. Feel the soft skin that holds in so much strength.”

“Everybody likes doing stuff they’re good at, right?”

“That girl is no joke.”

“Penny is nuts. Badass and gorgeous, but she’s totally nuts.”

5. This one is just for me. I loved the hot tub scenes in this book. I love Gramps. I love Penny’s tower-high room that she doesn’t sleep in. I love that her house is added on and added on and added on like so many homes up here. I love that Penny isn’t afraid to play with the boys, and actually loves it. That she works on cars and drives a big truck and kicks ass on the snowmachines. I love how much Bishop changed in this book. I love that you can read him in the beginning, and read his chapters near the end, and he’s GROWN UP. Penny does too…just not as much 😉

Hopefully you guys have as much fun reading as we did writing, though that’s unlikely, as we did have a BLAST 😀

What’s happening in your writer/reader world right now??

~ Jo


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