What’s Up Wednesday :-D

Okay. So this started with Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk, who I found through Katy Upperman (who is awesome and who I’ve been fortunate enough to beta-read for).

ANYWAY. It felt very fitting today, so HERE WE GO.


What I’m Reading:


So, I burned through Wake, the first book in the series, and then read Fade (book #2) in an afternoon. I jumped into Gone that night and realized… Once I finish this, I’ll have to say goodbye to Janie and Cabel, and I’m not ready for that… So, I haven’t read for the past two nights. Maybe I’ll finish tonight. Maybe. What’s cool about these books is that I generally stay away from series, but I trust Allie so I jumped in. I LOVE these books. Cool premise. FAB voice. FAB.

Warning on the series: Reading books about someone who jumps into people’s dreams, can make for strange dreams…

What I’m writing:

1. I just turned a paranormal psycho-twisted retelling into my agent that I wrote w/ the fabulously talented (and amazing world-builder) Allie Brennan. WHEW! Feels great to have it out of my hands for a while… Now to hope Jane loves it.

2. Instead of taking a break from writing after turning my MS in, I jumped into one of the two manuscripts that I’ve jumped in and out of during my collab writings. I’ve probably written four endings for the book I’m working on – like from midpoint… SO many lost words and scenes and feels…lol. BUT I changed to 3rd person, started over, and I’m FLYING through it, which feels…amazing.

Other stuff I’m up to:

I had two realizations this past week.

1. I’m teaching on a panel at the AWP writer’s conference in LESS THAN A MONTH. I’m nervous-excited about this. Also, it’ll feel great to be in Seattle for a few days 😀

2. The Summer I Found You comes out in ONE MONTH. This is my most exciting book release. It’s my first “in bookstores everywhere” book that’s a solo project. And I’ll get to pet the pretty hardback…

Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 11.29.11 AM

3. I’m pretty sure this part of the post should be non-writing stuff, but this week, the writing stuff sorta took over…

Also. There are a LOT of amazing talented people who jump in and do this meme. Erin and Jaime’s blogs have the linky list…

What have you been up to?

~ Jo


13 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday :-D

  1. I love the cover; I’m a fan of summer-themed YA contemporaries (which is what I’m currently working on). I have this urge that it’s my calling to write those books. So, yours will go on my to read list!!

  2. So glad you joined us for WUW! I love it when writers are so committed to a story that they’re willing to tear it apart and do whatever it takes to make it the best it can be. I’ll be revising my WIP soon, so your determination to rewrite your ms is inspiring. Glad to hear that’s going well! also, the cover of your book is gorgeous! It’s making me long for summer. Have a great week!

  3. Hiya

    i love the cover of your book “The summer I Found You” 🙂 And I have added it to my to read list. can’t wait till it comes out. I looked up Gone, and its very interesting. It’s also gone on my to read list.

    Have a great week.


  4. I can’t wait to read THE SUMMER I FOUND YOU, Jolene! The cover is so beautiful! And I’m so glad you’re joining us for What’s Up Wednesday today. You should make a habit of it, because it’s fun to check in and see what you’re up to. I hope you have a fantastic week!

    1. I don’t even remember how I ended up on your blog, but it looks fun 😀 I’m sure there will be weeks where my head doesn’t poke out of the writing cave, but hopefully I make it once in a while 😉

  5. Oh, paranormal, psycho twisted, that sounds interested.

    I’ve been pathetic on blogging and visiting blogs. Hence my stops at 3 (or 4) of your posts all at once. And I keep meaning to email, but again, pathetic there too. But I’ve got 15 minutes before I gotta start readying kids for school. So I’m going to email right now.

  6. So happy you joined us this week! (I’m finally getting around to posts after being sick for two days straight. Blech.) Sounds like you are having an awesome writing week. That’s so inspiring to me. I’m trying really hard to get back into some kind of writing routine, so I’m itching to jump headlong into a project. I love the cover on your new book. Very eye-catching and pretty! Hope you have a great week, Jolene. 🙂

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